DCI Ecosystem will provide the necessary tools & resources to manage an investment portfolio in One Place, with One

Investors around the globe are constantly looking to achieve their investment targets Return-On-Investment through a multitude of investment tools available in the market

Investors around the globe are constantly looking to achieve their investment targets Return-On-Investment through a multitude of investment tools available in the market.

But the problems with such existing investment tools or platforms (online offline) is that they either focus on regional asset classes in the traditional market or on digital cryptocurrencies or coins/tokens but not on both.

Apart from this, global investors are also facing problems like:

1. Poor Investment Protection
2. Increasing fraud instances in alternative investment channels, i.e. ICOs, etc.
3. Low-interest environment
4. Lack of profitable business opportunity

The existing financial services model is also becoming redundant and investors (both private and institutional) are constantly looking for innovative, tech-driven investment platforms that are supported by top-class fintech services, i.e, Robo-advisory, portfolio risk analytics, etc. to drive and manage investor portfolio more effectively.

DCI Ecosystem- A Turnkey Investment Solution that Transforms and Simplifies Investors Journey….!!!

Seeing such existing investors’ problems, DCI is working on the idea of creating the most revolutionary, tech-driven and forward-looking investment ecosystem that will transform and simplify investor journey.

DCI Ecosystem will also offer limitless investment and profit earning opportunities to everyone, whether you are an investor, an investment seeker businesses/individual or a third-party service/software provider.

From the investor’s side, joining the DCI Ecosystem will allow them to get every necessary tool and resources to manage their investment portfolio in One Place, with One Tool!

To be more specific, DCI operates as an open, transparent, decentralized cross-asset investment ecosystem where investors will get an opportunity to create a hybrid portfolio of “traditional tokenized assets financial instruments”, further enhanced by advanced technology services like AI, robo-advisory, risk rating.

These advanced services will be offered by multiple third-party service or software providers (e.g. robo-advisory firms, legal firms, etc.) to the investors within the ecosystem itself via third-party API functionality.

Investors would be allowed to choose among the supportive investment tools (e.g. Robo-advisor, etc.) by navigating through a range of third-party services/products available on the ecosystem.

Each third-party fintech service provider/product will be rated by the DCI community members with a fair, transparent scoring system. This will allow the investors to discard bad players from the ecosystem and choose among the best options.

Hence, the availability of a wide range of third-party fin-tech products/services will help the investors make informed investment decisions.

The transparent and fair vendor ratings given by users will also enhance the overall transparency and reliability of the DCI Ecosystem, which is rarely seen in existing platforms today.

DCI Ecosystem Benefits for Investors

1. Complete 360-degree view of the private and institutional portfolio
2. Analytics (A.I), Robo-advisory (A.I), Re-balancing (A.I) and Risk Assessment Rating Services for 3. complete portfolio management.
3. Cross-Chain Transaction facility — Investors will seamlessly buy/sell anything from anywhere, albeit in compliance with local regulatory requirements.
4. Smart Contract Facility for contract creation and management
5. Custodian/Escrow Account Services
6. Legal and Compliance Support Services
7. Ability to invest globally and be exposed to the foreign market (e.g. buy real-estates tokens in foreign countries!)
8. Fractional ownership of Assets
9. Opportunity to investment regulated STO
10. Trade digital securities on the secondary market
11. Access to Global Investment market 24X7

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