They understand were hyped for next gen and most of the dedicated 2K

They understand were hyped for next gen and most of the dedicated 2K

I understand we dont understand anything at NBA 2K21 MT this stage but what does 2K21 bring to the table on current gen other thab being a placeholder for the next gen game? You and you don't have any new rosters and probably the mycareer, respectively. When the stuff comes out which becomed immaterial.

Its crazy 2K and we play. They understand were hyped for next gen and most of the dedicated 2K community will get it on next gen so that they rather force you to either pay 30 bucks less, wait and dont play with it till next gen comes out or cover 100$, play with this pile of crap on current gen for a couple of months and then get it for free on next gen. I'm really feeling for all of the casuals or buddies, who dont understand about 2K that far when they move out to buy the standard current gen model. There should be some kind of PSA to acquire 2K20 for free this month on dont and ps4 purchase 2K21 if youre not planning on getting it on

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Apart from this, I guess that the best alternative for players switching to new-gen is to purchase new-gen Digital Mamba Forever Edition, so as to being able to play on September 4th the"poor" standard version on current-gen and the switch in November/December to the Legend variant on new-gen. Ah, I see what u/ThePointForward referred to now, I will let them know. It is fixed in our post and must be upgraded on the side of 2K. Extra 100,000 VC more 72 hour rep boost and a backpack or anything the clothing thing is.

You are right if it's true. But I am still doubtful about that. Have you ever received a clear response? I will try to explain myself better. From the infographics I get that using Mamba Forever variant you receive a 100K VC bonus for each platform, while with MFE you get 100K VC just for your new-gen. Anyway their statement says"earned and bought VC" will probably be shared across programs. What if there is a mechanism to create without even being able to preserve it to the 26, you spend the entire 100k on the current-gen?

Also, I truly don't get - being the same price - the two MFEs could differ in a such a big amount of VC, 200k vs 100k. That's why I fear there is a trick that is concealed or a mistake. Someone in the know directed me as the nearest thing to official announcements to those 2 tweets, they did not need to commit 100% themselves. It buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins speaks about next-gen to current-gen, but it is a shared wallet so that it moves the other way as well