I played Runescape since 2003 and I ceased annually

I played Runescape since 2003 and I ceased annually

Why You Need to Be RS gold Attempting Runescape Right Today!

Long time lurker of the sub. I have made a movie to share some information regarding runescape for all those of you who have yet to try out RuneScape for yourself. I spent a long time not playing RuneScape due to it being called obsolete and not as excellent as OSRS (conflicting Statements, I know) so as I constantly see people asking exactly what they ought to be enjoying atm I thought I might create this movie and I thought of the sub!

EOC is not the issue with battle. Have you ever seen videos of raids and of stuff they have now because of it. EOC was the ideal call for the term health of RuneScape. What is killing it the milking of RuneScape. I mean there is membership, MTX store, metrics, and now the yak thing that resembles a season pass. I'm sorry but that's just insane especially when you realized you can't get everything but the MTX shop for $15 a month.

The visuals of RuneScape do not appeal to mepersonally, not sure I like the way the questing system is set up (I am too much a lover of GW2s systems), and it looks slow... but I'm sure there are folks out there who would really like to get back into this. My spouse said the same thing she can't get beyond the visuals which is fair. The best way to describe the quests are amazing mini adventures, I personally like they are quests that conned to an overall plot also. I am a nerd!

I played Runescape since 2003 and I ceased annually. Following 16 years and a bit. They've taken RuneScape at a direction that was really bad. The first game is still enjoyable as it had been designed years ago, but the current content is based around tedious grinding and RNG fortune mixed together with just how much real cash you need to speed it up. Quests get added and we have money items on the routine. Bosses became considerably tougher and more challenging to perform (So much so that I recently heard they inserted a problem setting to a single boss so that individuals would really do the content). The player base has dwindled, I saw my friends leave in a few to OSRS the last two decades and some.

My Initial 99 felt just like this

My first 99 smith. I recall getting to 95 on this anvil close to the Varrock bank. It is so much quicker!" I had stopped playing missed the release. Took hardly any time. So once I got 99, I stared at the display for a minute or two. And logged off. Because I am scared of not having any quests left to do, I cease, and get through the buy RS3 gold quest.