I really don't think I can name a SINGLE item that functions to its full potential in Madden

I really don't think I can name a SINGLE item that functions to its full potential in Madden

There is not any reason a participant's ability score should rise in a year of supreme team. I know it in these regular game where motives fluctuate according to Madden nfl 20 coins their success throughout the true season. But in supreme group Michael Vick's rating should be the exact same in the August as it's in June. It is a nickel dime money making strategy. There's multiple currencies created to allow you to tweak one participant to have more or better ability. I would bet the normal MUT enthusiast pays a $1000 a year participating in MUT and that amount is most likely conservative.

A great idea but you bought Madden. If you want to charge more to get a game mode. It may cost extra employees to run MUT. Just charge a monthly membership of ten dollars and let everyone have ALL players. Does that answer it. Envision that dimension for your FIFA NHL games and there you have it. I second this. For the Love of God, most of us see the Garbage match EA makes every yeat where we ALL whine and whine, THEN, bend over and purchase the new Madden. Quit Buying Madden. Either stop buying or quit complaining and live your butts up because it's going to NEVER Change unless you first. Haven't bought a Madden since 2017 and don't intend on purchase 2021.

It's been like this for years and people still purchase Madden every year and are confused and shocked every year which nothing is altered but continue to obtain the game that is broken. It's like if you took a stick and constantly jabbed it into your leg over and over again but each time expecting a different result but are confounded and confused that it hurts every single time yet you keep fucking doing it. The only way to make them make a change is to not buy Madden.

It is almost like they finally realized letting people upload updated rosters and draft courses made people less likely to buy the new madden but couldn't get rid of the feature since they did not want the backlash,also it costs money to sponsor the data utilized. They purposely bugged it and are going to make people used to it not being something so they could gradually eliminate this feature.

My brother tried to ruin my group

I really don't think I can name a SINGLE item that functions to its full potential in Madden. Lol they would have to actually offer a liquid shit about the standard of Madden. They had put out a blank disk using a Madden 21 cover when they believed they would still make money on micro-transactions. MUT advertisements before you can even hit exhibition, one foot in bounds college fashion, quarterbacks all having the butter palms while running, the list goes on and on. So shit they could not create Madden somewhat realistic gameplay wise before the super bowl update, fuck EA and their loot box reliant asses those dickheads would need to pay me to cheap Mut 20 coins take madden 21 off their hands and free up hard disk space for it.