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8 months ago

Willie Masters

Jacksonville, FL

price - 100K in etherium or bitcoin

3 bedroom 2 bath for sale - Broker Price Opinion indicates that it is worth about 100K (no doubt in great shape but I know that the house needs a little work inside). I have never seen the inside but from the trash left around the house, I am supposing that it needs some work inside.
I have the broker's opinion and title search that I could send to any intrested buyers.
address - 3051 Horseshoe Dr. West, Jacksonville, FL 32254
Assessor's number - 004494-0000

We can use a third party or something like that...idea is to transfer crypto in exchange for deed that can be recorded to transfer ownership. No liens currently exist on property. Proeprty is considered "free and clear".

Type Used
Price $100000 (USD)
Status In stock